About Us


PEEEP began in February 1993 with one Community worker and a volunteer Project Manager. The Project was initiated by the Burwood/Pegasus Branch of “Keep Christchurch Beautiful” whose Committee members felt motivated to do something to improve the local environment. The Committee wanted to involve local unemployed people with the aim of improving their job prospects as well as highlighting awareness of environmental issues.

By April 1993, the organisation had grown to the point where there were five community workers and the Project Manager.

In September 1993 PEEEP became registered as a Charitable Trust and has continued to undertake charitable work in the local community for the past 22 years.



      • To upskill, support and encourage volunteers participating in the PEEEP programme by involving them in community, horticultural and other environmental enhancement projects for the benefit of the wider community
      • To create a sense of individual self-sufficiency through education, training, understanding and acceptance
      • To provide a community service to individuals in need and local community groups by helping with projects to improve their environment
      • To encourage volunteers who wish to assist in the PEEEP programme.


Volunteer Work

PEEEP  provides a number of services to the local and wider community.These include small landscaping and handyman type work, lawns and gardens, painting etc. We assist schools, churches, pre-schools etc with this type of work, all for no cost. We also offer this same service to vulnerable individuals in the Community, again for little, but mostly no cost .



PEEEP works with more than 30 organisations, a number of which we have been working with for many years. In the past 12 months these have included: Rekindle, Silvan Salvage, CCC Coast Care, CCC QEII Park, CCC Spencer Park, CCC Graffiti Office, CityCare Facilities Management, NZ Care Group, Community Justice Panel, St Faiths Church,  New Brighton Community Gardens, North New Brighton School, Freeville School,  North New Brighton Community Child Care Centre, New Brighton Historical Society, St Kentigern’s Church, Stepping Stone Trust, Avonside House, Catapult Employment Services Trust, Comcare JobConnect, Totara House, CCS Disability Action, District Health Board, EcoShop, Dept of Corrections, Te Awa O Te Ora Trust, Positive Directions Trust, New Brighton Business & Landowners Association, Burwood Pegasus Communtiy Board, ARAS – Adult Reading Assistance Scheme,