About Us

purely History

PEEEP Trust began operating in February 1993 with one Community worker and a volunteer Project Manager. The Project was initiated by the Burwood/Pegasus Branch of “Keep Christchurch Beautiful” whose committee members felt motivated to act positively to improve the local environment. The Committee involved local unemployed people and put in place training programmes to improve their self esteem, employment prospects and highlighting awareness of environmental issues. The programmes are designed to:

  • create individual self-sufficiency 
  • provide a community work programmes
  • work with local councils and community groups with projects to improve our local environment and offer “on the job” work skills
  • encourage volunteer participation in the PEEEP programme providing opportunities to learn new skills and give them a sense of purpose
  • involve workers and volunteers in community, horticultural and other environmental enhancement projects that benefit everyone
  • provide a safe and positive workplace for all participants
  • treat all participants with empathy and inclusion

By April 1993, the organisation had grown to the point where there were five community workers and the Project Manager. In September 1993 PEEEP became registered as a Charitable Trust. Contracts began with Coast Care; council departments; private sector organisations  and formed the basis of our development and success


http://mt-bw.co.uk/?p=306 Aims/objectives

PEEEP Trust offers training and work experience to people in our community who have been marginalised. Many suffer from mental health illnesses, previous drug, and alcohol addiction and/or physical and or social disabilities – all have experienced long term unemployment.  Employment agencies and the MSD refer candidates to us for training, work experience and, for many,  improving their social skills and interaction with colleagues. We are respected for the work that we do, and the number of referrals increases every month to the extent that we have waiting lists of candidates to join the programmes.   Offering programmes to improve the lives of others is, a privilege, and one that comes with a sense of responsibility one which we take very seriously, it is a great way to reinforce PEEEP values in the community and see people and the environment benefiting. To fund the programmes we rely on a mix of outside funders and paid contracts, the work undertaken on the contracts has a two-fold purpose, it provides us with the platform to teach on-the-job skills, and assists with funding the programmes that we run. 


Contracts & Other Work

PEEEP offers on-going contracted services and one off or short term contracts in the following areas:

  • Graffiti removal; gardening; yard clearance; yard and grounds maintenance; rubbish removal; fence painting; painting external structures and work-shops; wood chopping; log splitting; warehouse and factory cleans; vacant house cleaning; new building cleans; landscaping labour; tree and plant propagation; ground planting & stabilisation work

Our Goal/Mission

To be recognised and respected as a leading Social Enterprise not-for-profit contractor in the Christchurch region.

  • provide training opportunities to long term unemployed – especially those marginalised by social or psychological and/or other difficulties
  •  prepare candidates for specific work in areas where there are vacancy opportunities
    • commit to a fair, non-judgmental, and positive workplace for all
    • provide programmes that increase participants employment potential
  • become financially self-sufficient
    • increase contract works, and casual jobs
    • source, and secure work built on reputation
  • maintain a commitment to environmental awareness
    • commit to methods that minimize our environmental impact
    • explore new and/or diverse recycling innovations