buy Lyrica in thailand PEEEP are excited to announce the appointment of  Joseph Sole as Operations manager – This is a newly created  position required following expansion of PEEEP contracting services. 

We now offer work experience programmes teaching the specific skills that our contracting partners require

  • Kearns “Let’s get ready to work”  designed to get people skilled and ready for ongoing work.   The training  is  offered to existing beneficiaries’  with some reimbursement of expenses. Benbrook
  • “Work ready” leading on from the “lets get ready to work” this is full time paid employment, and  is a pre introductory programme teaching the skills reuired for on-going full time work with our contracting partner.

Joseph is absolutely on board with the PEEEP values and has hit the ground running ready to lead PEEEP through its next stages of development.